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Evaluate your ministry so you can face challenges, move forward and increase fruitfulness.



Time for a checkup?

Time for a checkup? The church is a living organism, which means if the systems are not functioning properly in the body of Christ, then it’s only a matter of time before it dies. How is your church doing? It can become difficult as the years pass to accurately assess your health and find the next step to take.

In order to know where God wants you to go, you must assess where you are now. This is where Converge can help. Together with you and your leadership, using different assessment techniques and exercises, we can objectively determine the current health of your leaders and church and give you steps to maximize your God-given potential to fulfill your mission. Creating a strategic plan will help your church ensure all working parts are developing and growing together.

There are also times when a church is in critical condition. A church may be in decline because its congregation is unhealthy, systems are broken and its finances are failing. A triage process will help a church face where it needs help and guide it to a solution. Through our local Converge district teams we can carefully assess the areas in which a church is stuck and identify the systems that need to be repaired. We will help develop practical ways to establish and maintain healthy systems in order to bring the church back to a state of health.

StratOp Process
The Paterson StratOp process for churches facilitates your church leadership through an intensive strategic planning process that is custom-fit to your ministry.  Rest assured that you will not have any new ministry philosophies or strategies imposed onto you. We fundamentally believe that God, through the working of His Word and Holy Spirit in the lives of your church leaders, provides the necessary and contextualized content for developing your church’s strategic plan. 

The great beauty and strength of StratOp is that it facilitates a process that systematically draws this content from your church leadership over the course of a strategic planning retreat. Your church leaders will come away with a united strategy and solid action plan that is unique to your church’s culture, values, mission and vision. 

Our time together will focus on the perspective, planning and action stages of the StratOp process, with the structure, management and renewal stages being done as follow-up to the strategic planning retreat.  Download our Strategic Ministry Planning Retreat Summary to get a solid picture of how this will serve your church. 

Strategic Planning Retreat Options
1.5-day condensed retreat (12 hours): This retreat typically runs  Friday from  6 – 9 p.m.,  and Saturday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. The tools brought to bear during this retreat are great for churches that already have an effective mission statement and core values but are looking for ministry assessment, fresh vision and a clear action plan. This is a great start for smaller and volunteer-driven churches that are looking to intentionally strengthen or revitalize.

2-day leadership retreat (16 hours):  This 2-day  retreat allows extra time for leadership teams to develop or reboot your church's mission statement and core values while taking a detailed look at your ministry  opportunities.  This option  is great for churches with limited staff and the ability to call key lay leaders to take some time off from work. Though it is not the only option, many churches strategically use this for an annual  weekend  leadership retreat with key church leaders.

3-day executive retreat (24 hours):  This 3-day "full package" retreat is great for—though not exclusive to— medium to larger sized churches with multiple staff and key leadership team members.  This retreat facilitates a deeper dive into your  church's recent history, community patterns and trends, attendee values and  opportunity assessments. It helps your team develop core strategies, a ministry dashboard and immediately actionable initiatives.

Customized:  If you and your team have another option that fits best in your context, let's discuss how we can make it work.

​Due to every church's unique need, StratOp strategic ministry planning retreats range in options and pricing.  We know that this process will result in renewed vision and clarity for your ministry and we look forward to celebrating that success with you. Contact us and we will discuss your church's specific need as well as pricing options.

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