Your local team

Meet the team that's ready to support you and your ministry.

As modeled by our Lord, strong relationships are a key to ministry and mission effectiveness. The leaders you meet, get to know and grow with will improve and empower you for greater ministry impact. Across Converge Heartland, you will meet lifelong friends, engage with co-laborers and share the joys and challenges of following God’s call in your life. Connect with us today to learn more about how we can serve your church.

Jim Capaldo

Regional President, Converge Heartland


District Staff
  • Steve Krier
    Director of Church Planting
  • Wayne Bangs
    Director of East African Outreach
  • Dr. Greg Friesner
    Director of Jail Ministries
  • Harlan Moss
    South Dakota Prison Chaplain
  • Angela Myers
    Student Event Coordinator

District Board
  • Fred Gackle
    Kulm Baptist Church, Kulm, ND
  • Nate Holdeman
    Northridge Baptist Church, Mitchell, SD
  • Brian Fite
    Calvary Baptist Church, Platte, SD
  • Curtis Tschetter
    GracePoint Church, Ogallala, NE
  • Jon Frick
    River of Life Community Church, Canton, SD
  • Jon Hawkins
    Arbor Drive Community Church, York, NE

Representative to the National Board of Overseers
  • Jim Capaldo
    Regional President, Converge Heartland
  • Ben Payne
    Northridge Baptist Church, Mitchell, SD
  • Mark Dickson
    Sun Prairie Baptist Church, Salem, SD

Leading a church can be complex, but I have a network of people from churches all around the country who are in my corner. You’re never alone when you’re a part of Converge.

Ben Payne, Northridge Baptist Church, Mitchell, South Dakota