Stories of impact

Inspirational stories and news of God's work throughout the Converge movement

Church strengthening

Converge helps make stronger churches in the United States, Ukraine and everywhere

Teamwork is the key to success as Converge’s commitment to forming vibrant groups of believers extends globally.

Apr 25 2023

The Imperative of Pastoral Encouragement

A Converge regional president shares why pastoral encouragement is imperative.

Apr 18 2023

Mexican, Caribbean churches embrace Converge

‘We were praying for people to help us, to teach us — and then Converge came.’

Jan 16 2023

Perseverance for the long haul

What are the keys to pastoral longevity? A retiring pastor who spent the past 42 years at the same church shares his thoughts.

Apr 16 2022

Why does this pastor keep coming back to one of Converge’s oldest churches?

First Baptist Church in Stratford, Iowa, recently celebrated its 165th anniversary.

Jul 1 2021