Stories of impact

Inspirational stories and news of God's work throughout the Converge movement

Ken Nabi

Two Events That Changed Everything

Two events changed the nature of all reality for all people for all time.

Apr 1 2021

A Time to Pray

Every new year begins with new challenges and new opportunities. Let's begin this one with prayer.

Jan 7 2021

The Law and the Great Experiment

The family, the church, and the civil government are the three structures God put in place for a peaceful, civilized society. Where these are not valued and protected, what chance do we have to live the way God intended?

Sep 2 2020

Ideas, Attitudes and the Root System of Conviction

The central authority of the Bible is our final and supreme authority in all matters. It is to be the “root system” for all of our ideas, convictions, and ultimately the behaviors flowing from those ideas.

Aug 5 2020

Killing Hostility

Only the gospel can tear down the wall of hostility created because of color, class and cultural divisions.

Jul 1 2020