Stories of impact

Inspirational stories and news of God's work throughout the Converge movement


Two Events That Changed Everything

Two events changed the nature of all reality for all people for all time.

Apr 1 2021

Is Rural Law Enforcement Chaplaincy For You?

Find out how Law Enforcement agencies across rural Wisconsin and Michigan desperately need the hope of the gospel.

Jan 7 2021

Who's Holding Your Rope

When you are out on the edge, it's good to know who's holding your rope.

Jan 7 2021

A Time to Pray

Every new year begins with new challenges and new opportunities. Let's begin this one with prayer.

Jan 7 2021

16 Building Blocks Necessary for Planting a Church, Part 6

This article addresses how building blocks numbers ten and eleven, Public Ministry Skills and Enthusiasm/ Energy help make a church planter effective.

Jan 7 2021