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Partner with Archer to grow the gospel influence in our law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin, the U.P. and neighboring states.

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As lawlessness increases, we need our law enforcement, more than ever, to stand in the gap well for us (Ezek. 22), drawing on the resources of the One who made them and appointed them to this very purpose (Eph 6, Rom. 13). Currently, due to the immense stress of law enforcement work, the political climate, and the increase of the evil they regularly see and endure, 3-4 times as many officers commit suicide than are murdered in the line of duty.  They need competent chaplains.  They need to know The One who made them to stay resilient for the task before them.  Your prayers for them and your support for this ministry to them through Converge is greatly needed.  I hope you will partner with me in growing this area of incredible opportunity for a Gospel influence in our law enforcement agencies and personnel in Wisconsin, the U.P. and neighboring States.

Archer grew up in a Christian home in Southern California. Around age 19 he was headed toward joining the Air Force for their K-9 training and then back to Police work… with the end goal of becoming a law enforcement chaplain after having been a police officer.  But, God had other plans to keep him pointed toward pastoral ministry after already having been involved in leading many youth and college ministries.  Now, after having graduated from Multnomah Bible College & Biblical Seminary and over 24 years in pastoral ministry, God has blown the doors wide open for him to finally serve in full-time law enforcement chaplain ministry.

His wife, Donna, continues to lead the Children’s Ministry in their current church family, Faith Church, in NE Wisconsin.  While he was a pastor, Archer volunteered part-time as a LE chaplain for about 15 years and is currently a master-level credentialed law enforcement chaplain through the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC) and currently serves as Chaplain for five law enforcement agencies.

Also, as the current Wisconsin State Representative for the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC), he is being afforded the opportunities of coming alongside Law Enforcement and Fire Agencies in Wisconsin, helping them develop quality chaplain programs in their agencies, as well as helping to recruit, train and mobilize qualified and competent chaplains for our those agencies and others.

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