Church Planting Assessment Center

Helping you discern your calling, ministry fit and leadership capacity as a church planter.



Increase the success of your church plant

Have you been called to plant a church? How can you know for sure? And what does it take to succeed? Converge's highly trusted Church Planting Assessment Center minimizes the risk by thoroughly vetting church planters for predictable success.

Led by trained assessors, we provide a personalized and thorough assessment of each candidate. We help church planters discern their calling, fit in ministry and capacity to be the lead pastor on a planting team.

Converge has one of the longest running, most influential and highly trusted church planting assessment systems in the country. We offer decades of assistance and a contextually current process. Many other denominations and para-church organizations have modeled their process after ours.

What is an assessment center?
It is an intensive four-day event staffed by trained assessors to encourage and observe church planting candidates. Candidates have the opportunity to preach, cast vision, work in team settings and meet with counselors and assessors to prepare for life as a church planter. Assessors provide a personalized and thorough assessment of church planting candidates.

Who are the typical assessment center participants?

  • Candidate/candidate couple: prospective church planting lead pastor and spouse (if married)
  • Sending agency: a candidate/candidate couple's sponsoring or sending agency; may be a church, network, region, denomination or church planting organization.
  • Assessors: experienced church planters or church planting leaders; each sending agency usually sends an assessor.
  • Observers: individuals interested in observing the assessment process; they do not assess the candidate/candidate couple
  • Assessment center team: the team that organizes the assessment center; includes a director, a counselor and an administrator.


Upcoming assessment centers

  •      March 14 - 17, 2023 // Northview Community Church, Bothell, Washington
  •     June 5 - 9, 2023 // Nashville, Tennessee
  •     August 15 - 18, 2023 // Orlando, Florida
  •     October 3 - 6, 2023 // Rock Creek, Texas


How to sign up

  1. Contact Converge Great Lakes church planting administrator to express you're interest in attending an Assessment Center.
  2. We will schedule an assessment interview, as well as, send you an application to complete.
  3. We will help you register for the Church Planting Assessment Center.

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The support I received in planting a new church was amazing. The values and mission of Converge help to keep our churches focused on Christ and building his church together.

Kevin McIlhany, CrossBridge Church, Ishpeming, Michigan