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For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given... Isaiah 9:6

The incarnation is one of the greatest miracles to be written about in the Scriptures. God came down, took on human flesh and was born as an infant. He was to be the perfect unity of divinity and humanity. In the 9th chapter of Isaiah, the prophet spoke of a Messiah who was yet to come, and he described this savior in fresh, vibrant terms.
Jesus was an infant, born of a virgin woman. His purpose was not to simply live or even to teach. These were (are) vital to Jesus' calling and purpose, but he was to be a Savior, a Messiah. Isaiah promised that this child would rescue humanity from its enslavement to sin. He would be a son. Not just any son, but the Son linked to the promise given to Abraham and King David. A son who would rule and guide and provide leadership for God's people. That is, the government would be 'on his shoulders.'
Then, Isaiah strings together a marvelous combination of descriptors for what the Christ-child would be called. In this chapter, there are four names describing his purpose on planet earth and four truths we can claim still today and for eternity.
He would be a Wonderful Counselor.
Jesus came to bring truth. He has the answer for all our uncertainties and healing for the brokenness of our world.
He would be a Mighty God
Jesus would be strong, determined to obey the Father's will in all things. He would be fully God and fully man. Today, he is our strength in times of weakness and our confidence in times of conflict.
He would be an Everlasting Father.
Jesus inaugurated all of God's people to come together as the New Testament church. With Jesus' ascension, the people of God were freshly empowered by the outpouring of the Spirit for all eternity with the promise that He would never leave them! This would not be a temporary Messiah, but one who would bring about God's eternal purposes. With the promise of eternity, today he brings comfort and hope to those who call Him Father.
He would be a Prince of Peace.
Where this Messiah would provide reigning power, peace would be held high. The kingdom followers of Jesus would love peace, live in peace, and aim to bring about peace through the rule and reign of Jesus. And today, when human hearts are ruled by Jesus, peace can be found despite the chaos of the world.
Jesus accomplished these purposes perfectly and sufficiently while He walked the earth. These four names describe what we still need from Jesus even today. Who does not need healing or power or peace? I do. I know you do, and I know your people do.
This Christmas, let Isaiah 9 point you not only to the child, born in a manger, but also to the Son on the cross at Calvary. Hold high the hope of Jesus through the incarnation, and preach about the excellencies of God's miraculous provision of a child born to a virgin and promised to provide salvation for you and me.

Ken Nabi, Regional President

Ken Nabi has served as the Regional President for Converge Great Lakes since 2016. He earned a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist before enjoying 21 years as a pastor at Community Church of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Ken is a strategic leader focusing on movements and reproducible systems. Community Church of Fond du Lac planted five churches during his tenure, and those churches helped plant seven more churches.

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