A Time to Pray

Ken Nabi

Regional President

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"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'"
If someone was at a funeral being loud and telling jokes, that would seem inappropriate. Conversely, if you were at a sporting event asking people to keep their voices quiet and only speak in hushed tones, that too would be odd and inconsistent. Our circumstances help determine how we are to act. It seems to me that the circumstances we find ourselves in as local church pastors are ones where we must call our people to pray, to repent, and to engage our neighbors evangelistically.
Every new year begins with new challenges and new opportunities. To start the new year off every January, Converge Great Lakes calls our people to pray. We believe that prayer can change anything, but mostly we want prayer to change us by aligning our will with the Father’s will. More specifically, we desire that every believer who names the name of Jesus would love what He loves, hate what He hates, and live in a manner that points to King Jesus. It is a powerful request to seek God’s face asking Him to change us more than asking Him to change our circumstances.
Now more than ever, it seems we must especially pray this way. With a nation divided, a constituency frustrated and angry, we need the church to show folks a different way to live. Tragically, our people more times than not, are wrapping their cross up in the flag of our country and over-associating the Christian faith with one political party or another.
Pastors, we must remind our people that a Christian’s citizenship is in heaven, and, as the redeemed, we must call our people to live for King Jesus. As much as we love our country, it is not our home. We must live in a way that promotes peace, love, and unity while aiming for the ultimate reality of Christ-centered living.
Would you please consider joining in the 21 Days of Prayer Converge National effort or plan to join in the Day of Prayer on January 12th hosted and promoted by Converge. Would you consider preaching a series every year on the topic of prayer so your people know how to pray biblically-grounded prayers? We don’t only need more prayer but we need more biblically-grounded prayer.
The times we find ourselves in demand a response that fits the circumstances. Our churches are fractured, some are discouraged, and many are wondering what is next. Let us lead our people to whole-hearted devotion in prayer, through repentance, asking Christ to fix our eyes on the hope that He alone can provide.

Ken Nabi, Regional President

Ken Nabi has served as the Regional President for Converge Great Lakes since 2016. He earned a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and worked as a Marriage and Family Therapist before enjoying 21 years as a pastor at Community Church of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Ken is a strategic leader focusing on movements and reproducible systems. Community Church of Fond du Lac planted five churches during his tenure, and those churches helped plant seven more churches.

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