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Torrance, California
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Join Eri and Jeff in reaching Japanese children and their parents living in the U.S. temporarily or applying for residency. Their hearts are wide open in the new land!

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Me – Eri: Born in Tokyo, Japan, I came to the US at age 15 and grew up in both countries thereafter. I realized I became a third-culture person as a young adult.


In 1993, I inherited missions work from a missionary sent to Torrance, CA, by Rengo, a Converge-affiliated church association in Japan. Since then, I have tutored Japanese expatriates’ children with ESL while sharing the good news of Christ with them and their moms. Along with Jeff, we will be able to reach out to the dads and the whole family.


Strategic Location: Torrance is jokingly called the 24th ward of Tokyo as it has the highest number of Japanese nationals living in the continental US, yielding only to Honolulu, HI. These folks are primarily businesspersons, university students, and their families on short-term visas. I realized a while ago how God equipped me to live between the two cultures and placed me in the most strategic location for Japanese expatriates’ ministry.


Problem with Japan: On the one hand, Japan is a beautiful country with the nicest people you can find in the world; on the other hand, their permeated culture of building public façade against their honest will is tormenting many and causing them to totally withdraw from society or even commit suicide. Most devastatingly, the Christian population in Japan is a mere 0.5%, making Japan, the 12th most populous country in the world, the second least-reached people group.


Great Opportunity: When the Japanese come to live in a foreign land, their hearts become open to various ideas and concepts. They will even come to accept the good news of Christ – IF THEY ARE PRESENTED WITH THE OPPORTUNITY.


But “how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard, and how can they hear without some preaching to them?” (Rom 10:14)


Will you join me and my husband Jeff in reaching out to these Japanese nationals who reside among us for a limited time and sending them back home to Japan with the love of Christ in their hearts to share with others?


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Chinatsu Baptism
Torrance, California // Sango's mom, Chinatsu-san's Baptism

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