Bob & Carol Marsh

Europe/Mediterranean Region (Impact Team)
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Working alongside national movement leaders to help catalyze gospel movements among the least reached.

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Some of the world's least-evangelized people lie in the region from Iceland to Siberia, and Norway to Libya. Bob and Carol serve Converge International Ministries in that Europe & Mediterranean Region. 

As Impact Team Leader, Bob is developing a team who are called to come alongside national movements and movement leaders. The goal is to help those indigenous leaders accomplish the mission to which God has called them - bringing the gospel to their own people, neighboring peoples - the least-reached groups in our region. Current efforts include Ukraine, Russia, Scandinavia, and North Africa. 

Bob also serves in oversight to a number of Converge workers in non-initiative aligned ministries in Italy, Germany, Israel, Egypt and Sweden.

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Europe/Mediterranean Region (Impact Team) // Join us in seeking a gospel movement among the least-reached people in the 53 nations that make up our region!

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